Gazela Vinho Verde

P 350.00

Alcohol: 9%
Origin: Portugal
Price: P 350.00

Tasting Notes

Gazela has a very light yellow citrine colour, with a slight fizz that enhances its bouquet, flavours and freshness. Aromatic and engaging, Gazela adds to its citrine and tropical fruit notes a lively and stimulating acidity, very well balanced by a slight touch of sugar. The end product is a simple, versatile and very attractive wine. Given its freshness, Gazela is a wine that is best drunk young.

Serving Suggestions

Gazela is ideal with salads, light fish or seafood dishes, or just as an aperitif. Gazela should be served well chilled,in a white wine glass or a flute, at a temperature between 6º-8º- C.

Varieties & Winemaking

Gazela is a blended wine made from selected grapes from the traditional Vinho Verde varieties, both company-owned and from private farmers. The predominant variety is Loureiro, with Pedernã, Trajadura and Azal being usedin smaller amounts.

Ageing and Storage

Gazela is bottled immediately after fermentation and final blending, so as to guarantee its whole original freshness. Gazela must be kept upright in a dry and cool place


Gazela is produced at Quinta de Azevedo wine centre, a splendid estate owned by Sogrape Vinhos near Barcelos,in the Vinho Verde Region (which literally means "green wine"). Hand-picked grapes undergo soft stem-removal and crushing. The resulting must isseparated from skins in pneumatic presses and subjected to static decanting for about 24 hours, suitably protectedfrom oxidation, until it reaches the required level of clarity. Fermentation in stainless steel vats then follows, under a controlled temperature of about 16º C.

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