About Us

METRO WINE CENTER has been meeting the alcohol beverage needs of Philippine consumers for more than 30 years. Established in 1977, METRO WINE CENTER has been recognized as a wholesaler, distributor, innovator in the market place that has built a knowledgeable staff of sales professionals who strive to maintain the firm impeccable history of service Longevity, Innovation, Sound Management and Integrity.

METRO WINE CENTER asserted its presence in the alcohol beverage industry strengthen focus on innovations, new product and quality service enable us to maximized the opportunities resulting from heightened pace in the Philippines economic activities. This was made possible by METRO WINE CENTER extensive large dealer networks, the dynamic vision of top caliber management team, continued support of the distributors / Suppliers. Our ability to anticipate the changing face of consumers demands and to adopt more aggressive strategies contributed significantly to METRO WINE CENTER impressive performance in 1995.

METRO WINE CENTER standing as an industry leader for undisputed strength positions our country for continued growth success and enable it to meet the challenges ahead in the alcohol beverage industry.

Times have change since 1977, but the vision and dedication that launch METRO WINE CENTER still remains the cornerstone of our success. And we continue to be industry innovator as well. Changing the times to bring you products that will meet your alcohol beverage needs today, tomorrow and into the 21st century.

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