Korean Soju

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Geniune distilled spirits produced from carefully selected barley and water drawn from a pure spring deep beneath the earth. It's refreshing flavor and crystal clear taste embody essence of Japanese refinement. Drink it on the rocks or with cold or hot water.720ml. Alc. 25%

Jinro Korean Soju

Jinro Soju

Korean Soju

This distilled specialty distinguished by its yellow label has a neutral composition which lends itself perfectly to fresh fruits, juices and mixers. Its alcohol content is just enough to give a "kick" to your favorite cocktails but mild enough for an extended drinking experience. 750ml. Alc. 24%

Jinro Original Chamisul


Original Chamisul

JINRO CHAMISUL ORIGINAL is the first pure and clean soju filtered four times with charcoals made from bamboo in Korea. This filtration method eliminates any harmful substances or impurities leaving only the clean and smooth tasting soju. 360ml. Alc. 20.1%

Jinro Fresh Chamisul

Jinro Soju

Fresh Chamisul

Milder version to the original Chamisul, Chamisul Fresh is made with the natural sweetener from Finland for a cleaner and refreshing taste. Additionally, the innovative soju making technologies enhance the effect of the natural bamboo charcoal refinement process resulting in even more "Fresh" Chamisul. 360ml. Alc. 19.8%

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