Fortified Wines

Many wines enjoyed before dinner (as aperitif wines) or after dinner (as dessert wines) fall into the category of fortified wines. Fortified wines all have alcohol added to them at some point in their production, giving them an alcohol content that ranges from 16 to 24 percent.

Offley Tawny Porto


Tawny Porto

Red-tawny hue, typical of an older wine; Delicate aroma reminiscent of ripe red fruit and enhanced by dry fruit notes that provide it with an added complexity. In the mouth, there is a fine balance between soft tannins and natural sweetness which combine harmoniously towards an elegant and fine finish.

₱ 830.00
Offley Ruby Porto


Ruby Porto

Offley Ruby is a young red Porto wine; goes very well with cheese and assorted desserts, including fresh-fruit tarts. Served on its own, chilled or with ice, it is also a surprising option as an aperitif or evening drink.

₱ 830.00
Offley White Porto


White Porto

Yellow-straw hue and an intense aroma dominated by floral, apricot and peach, and dry fruit notes; Ageing in oak wood intesifies its richness; In the mouth, the balance between acidity and sweetness stands out, culminating in a long and elegant finish

₱ 830.00
Offley Reserve Porto


Reserve Porto

Intense red ruby hue and an elegant bouquet dominated by red ripe fruit with some floral and balmy notes; In the mouth, it is a finely balanced wine, with a good body enveloping quality tannins, and a long and harmonious finish.

₱ 1050.00
Offley Tawny 10 years


Tawny 10 years

Intense tawny colour with brick-like tones; Complex bouquet is characterised by flavours of ripe fruit, marmalade and dry fruit. In the mouth, the balance between the richness of the grapes' natural sugars and its tannins provide the wine with a fine structure and a delicate yet complex finish.

₱ 1,500.00
Offley Tawny 20 years


Tawny 20 years

Has a well-defined tawny hue with orange-like hints. Aroma is intense and complex, with notes of vanilla, cinnamon, pepper, ginger, exotic wood, cedar and plum, the result of its careful evolution along many years. In the mouth, its fine structure and the balance between sugars and tannins stand out.

₱ 2,500.00
Piconera Sherry Fino

Piconera Sherry


Pale in colour and has a positive aroma reminiscent of flowers and fruit; Crisp to the taste, it adds particularly to the appreciation of all sea foods and is the ideal wine to take with a dish of olives before a meal. It should always be served well chilled as.

₱ 520.00
 Piconera Sherry Cream

Piconera Sherry


Cream Sherry, as its name implies, is a sweet, suave wine, smooth and exquisite in flavour and bouquet. It has become so widely appreciated and accepted as being suitable for any time of day, before during or after a meal. Refreshing and invigorating when served with ice.

₱ 520.00
Piconera Sherry Amontillado

Piconera Sherry


Has a light, pungent aroma reminiscent of hazel nuts, is mild and full to the palate and generally medium-dry. This is the wine for those who, before a meal, prefer something rather fuller-bodied and less dry than the Finos. It also adds to the enjoyment of soups, salads and cheese.

₱ 520.00

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