Mateus Rosé

Alcohol: 11%
Origin: Portugal
Size: 750ml ; 187ml (mini)

Tasting Notes

MATEUS ROSÉ is a rosé (also known as blush wine) with a very appealing and bright hue. On the whole, it is a fresh and seductive wine with fine and intense bouquet and all the joviality of young wines. In the mouth, it is a well balanced and tempting wine, brilliantly complemented by a soft and slightly fizzy finish.

Serving Suggestions

Served chilled, MATEUS ROSÉ is ideal as an aperitif, to accompany a refreshing moment in the day when the sunset anticipates relaxing, pleasurable and socialising moments, and whenever one is looking for a good alternative to a sparkling wine or even beer. MATEUS ROSÉ also goes very well with light meals, several types of fish and seafood, white meat, grilled dishes and salads. Its unique characteristics make it also ideal with pasta and other Italian cuisine and to accompany magnificently several styles of Oriental cuisine – Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai. It should be served in a flute or in a tulip-shaped red-wine glass. Serve ideally between 5º-8º C.


MATEUS origins date back to 1942, when Fernando Van Zeller Guedes, founder of the company, had this idea of creating a wine with a strong personality and unique flavour, presented in an original and innovative bottle inspired by the flask bottles of the soldiers in World War I. This original combination and quality of the wine made it a case of success and MATEUS grew to become a global brand, present in more than 125 countries, with well above 1 billion bottles sold in 60 years of continuous career. Its unique bottle is a true design icon, recently rejuvenated to best capture the timeless values of this unique and innovative brand.

Varieties & Winemaking

MATEUS ROSÉ is made from a selection of Portuguese red-grape varieties - Baga, Rufete, Tinta Barroca and Touriga Franca, among others. Vinification follows the traditional method for white wines and fermentation is carried out slowly, with no skins, in stainless steel vats at 16º controlled temperature. Fining is followed by cold-stabilisation, after which the wine is filtered and bottled. The whole process is done with extreme care, so as consistently to ensure Mateus unique style, colour and freshness.

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